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Split Second

I found this the other day. It's a short film referring to knife crime, that was produced by Metal Dog Media, in Coventry, back in 2019.

Metal Dog Media were commissioned by the Gemma Newman Charity to produce a video to be shown to young people about the grim reality of knife crime. Gemma Newman was a 21-year-old Coventry girl who was stabbed and killed by her boyfriend in a jealous rage the day after she broke off their engagement. Most of the actors in the video were locals drafted in to perform in the video and the filming took place at locations in the same road where Metal Dog had their office.

I worked with Metal Dog on a couple of design projects and was happy to be drafted in to appear in the end section of the video. I can't say my acting is up to much, but the sentiment I hold is very much still there regarding the growing threat of knife crime.

The recent police recorded crime figures published by the ONS showed a 21% increase in the number of knife and offensive weapon offences recorded from 37,706 in year ending September 2021 to 45,639 in year ending September 2022.

There were 282 murders involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales in the twelve months to March 2022. This is the highest total since 1946. 99 young people aged under 25 were murdered with a knife or sharp object in the twelve months to March 2022. 13 were aged under 16!

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