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Slanguages book launch

The Slanguages book was launched last week at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University with talks from some of the creative contributors and the projects they had worked on. The book: Slanguages: Languages in the Creative Economy - Rethinking Modern Languages from the ground up, explores the creative way artists employ and take inspiration from languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Patois, Pidgin, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Urdu, urban sign language and Yoruba.

The project has been wide-ranging and follows on from the exhibitions, performances and collaborations with artists, creative professionals and partners such as Punch Records, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company and Sputnik Theatre Company, London amongst others.

The book looks at twenty three artists who use different forms of language to present their art and the widely different backgrounds and inspiration that has contributed to their success. Nick who designed and toured the exhibition and produced all the promotional material has also designed the book.

"I wanted to showcase these great artists and the different styles they use to communicate their art, and give people the opportunity to follow them and see for themselves the varied manner the creative community connect with their audiences."

Nick Drew

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