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New WIX website launched

I have just created a new website, using WIX, for Tarek Hany, a consultant colorectal surgeon. Tarek wanted to share his experiences of working in health care and provide support and information to people pre and post operation and provide best practice in the development of novel practices, coaching, and sharing ideas and experiences of both patients and clinicians.

I have been using WIX, an all-in-one website builder, to build websites for clients. WIX is popular with bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners as it lets you quickly create functional and attractive websites and is ideal for small budgets. I have found that many people need help getting a presence on the internet but don't know where to start, don't have the time and lack the knowledge or skills to get there. WIX is excellent in that it is relatively easy to manage once you have had a bit of support to understand the interface. But it has so many additional options it can be a bit of a minefield to work through.

I provide a service to clients where I show them the capabilities of WIX, and then work out what type of website they need by looking at a range of templates in different service areas like; hosting an online store, having a portfolio of work, writing a blog, providing a service as a consultant, and many others.

I create a website incorporating a home page with up to three content pages. This includes text, images, logos, email and contact details. I then send a link to a proof of the website, so the client can see what it looks like on both desktop computer and mobile devices. After making client amendments, I arrange for a domain name if they haven’t got one, and once completed and approved, I arrange for the website to go live.

I also supply training on how to update the website so the client can make their own amendments, add images, blog items, etc, and when comfortable with the process, I hand over full ownership, or with permission, I can retain reduced access to maintain the website, make amendments and problem solve.

This seems to work well for so many people as all the time, labour and scratching of heads is taken out of the process, and I am always available to provide support to solve any of those annoying problems that arise like links not working, images not showing up text running amok!

Find out more about how I can help you produce your website by downloading this useful guide.

Nick Drew Design-WIX WEBSITES
Download PDF • 65KB

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