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  • Nick Drew

New look for Social History Curators Group

I have been producing the newsletter and Journal for the Social History Curators Group (SHCG) for a number of years now. It's always a joy to receive the news articles and images in my inbox, and I must admit, I do read them before laying them out. Perhaps it's to do with having spent many years designing and producing exhibitions in museums and public spaces, but I do find it very interesting to see the advances in exhibition design and interpretation and how curators manage to resolve issues and produce some very good exhibitions.

SHCG are a group of professional enthusiasts who volunteer their time to promote curation in museums and are really trying to make a difference in supporting curators to tell the stories of the objects they hold in the many museums around the country.

We have had a little redesign to freshen the newsletter and journal up a bit. We have simplified the typeface and colours a bit and tried to to make the publications a little easier to read.

As well as designing and getting the publications printed, this time I have organised the mail out to all the individuals and institutions, some as far away as New Zealand. If this is something that could help your business, do give me a call, GDPR guidelines taken into account of course!

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