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More Than Two Tones

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

I found this on YouTube the other day. It's a video from an exhibition I put together, 'More Than Two Tones' at the Herbert in Coventry a good few years back. I remember it well - especially what was achieved on such a small budget!

Although the Herbert has quite a good selection of music memorabilia, there wasn't a huge amount of money in the budget and the exhibition was to occupy quite a large gallery space, so there was an element of borrowing anything that was available to use. I remember borrowing bits of lighting and the lighting rack from a local sound and lighting company and filled the space, as best I could, with cutouts I had made of some of the local stars including Lieutenant Pigeon (remember them!), Panjabi MC, Pauline Black, Terry Hall, Hazel O'Connor and the Enemy.

Some of those stars popped in to have a look around before it opened. Hazel O'Connor came in to have a look at her cutout and have a photo session to help promote the exhibition and I had my photo taken with her.

The Herbert have a new exhibition: 2 Tone: Lives and Legacies on until 12 September.

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