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Laura Nyahuye - designer behind the Queen's Baton

The Birmingham 2022 Queen's Baton Relay champions the individuality in humanity and celebrates bringing people together. The Baton is entwined with unique components and displays connectivity to represent the power of collaboration. Laura Nyahuye, the multi-disciplinary artist behind the baton was born and raised in Zimbabwe and now lives in Coventry. She is an artist and creative visionary, helping migrant and marginalised communities to access better work opportunities through skills development and networks.

Laura is also a storyteller, designer/maker, writer, curator, performer, changemaker and advocate. Heavily influenced by her African heritage, Laura’s creative practice spans spoken word, poetry, and a palette of textures. She designs and makes body adornments as a form of storytelling that celebrates and challenges negative perceptions to do with women.

Nick has worked with Laura producing promotional books, flyers and leaflets. You can see some of Laura's work here and you can find out about Laura's involvement with the Queen's baton here.

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