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In conversation - three Jugnis

Artists Raveeta Banger, Rupinder Kaur and Ashlee Elizabeth-Lolo shared candid moments from the development process of their new play Jugni – The Female Firefly, and the launch of the accompanying book.

Jugni is a story about the Black and Asian female journey through time, where the Jugni, 'female firefly' in the Punjabi language, embarks upon inter-generational and multilingual conversations uncovering her lost voices in history. Inspiration for this play was drawn from the modern-day experiences and observations of Ashlee, Rupinder and Raveeta. The performance explores themes of colonial history, race and migration through spoken word poetry and song and illustrates and explores the various embodiments of fire in the lives of Black and Asian women.

The book, designed by Nick, features the script, key notes for the tech team such as lighting, sound and prop list, cue sheet and how the play came into being and the problems associated with the production due to the Covid pandemic.

You can watch the play on YouTube here.

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