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New newsletter for SHCG

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The latest newsletter for the Social History Curators Group (SHCG) has just been produced and delivered. The Social History Curators Group was formed to improve the status and provision of social history in museums and the standards of collections, research, display and interpretation. The newsletter is produced twice a year for the membership of the group along with an annual journal.

SHCG organise an annual conference at which a current theme is considered in depth through papers, case studies, visits and workshops and provide affordable one or half day training seminars. They campaign on current issues which concern members at regional and national level, and share the best and most useful resources for people interested in social history through an online database.

If you work within the museum service, are working with social history collections, or are keen to work within the sector, you can become a member by visiting:

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